Doe’s & Diva’s: A Family Owned Farmstead Dairy in Honey Creek, IA

Doe’s and Diva’s Dairy crafts combined milk products including fresh chevre, feta and marinated feta, and aged tommes. The farmstead is the only sheep and goat dairy in the state of Iowa producing cheese since 2005.

In addition to our handcrafted cheese, nourishing goat milk soaps and lotions are produced using time honored production methods. All of our products are Naturally Grown.

Our passion is connecting the community with healthy products. We are proud of our sustainable practices, our commitment to lifestyle, our faith and our family. We are also humbled by the experience of building a business based on the support of family, friends and the community.

We do everything as natural as we can while still exceeding the requirements to operate a commercial dairy.  That includes natural practices of seasonality breeding, lambing & kidding and leaving the babies with their Mama’s to share the milk with us until babies are weaned.  We avoid using chemicals anywhere on the farm, instead using natural products/herbs/practices to keep the bad guys under control.  This includes access to pasture all year with rotational grazing applied.  We also use apple cider vinegar in the water and diatomaceous earth, oregano, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds in their feed.  We craft our own salves with tea tree and eucalyptus to help heal minor cuts or chapped teats.  Most ingredients for cheese are sourced as local as possible, some added from our garden in front of the diary.  Every product we produce from our animals at the dairy is appreciated and reflects our values and deep commitment to keeping it as simple as possible.

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We encourage visitors to experience our farm, taste our cheese and become a small part of the local food movement to a healthier lifestyle. (and BABY GOATS!)

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What We Do

IMG_7439Our delightfully simple fresh cheese is a light and creamy rindless cheese that is similar to cream cheese with less fat and calories.  The cheese is hand crafted with farmstead (meaning all milk comes directly from our dairy girls on the farm) co-mingled milk – both sheep and goat milk, culture, rennet and salt.

With a soft and delicate curd, it crumbles when cold and is spreadable at room temperature.  Combined in balanced proportions, the flavor has a bright lemony tang, creamy texture and a clean milky note on the finish.  Available in: Pure, Garlic with Basil, Dill, Roasted Bell Pepper, Cherry Horseradish, Peach Rosemary and Urfa Chili.

We do not currently sell cheese online and ship it unless it is a large custom order. Find our PRODUCTS LOCALLY available for purchase.

**For larger cheese orders, please contact us and we will make shipping arrangements.**


Our soaps use the natural approach to pamper your skin. Since milk-based soaps are proficient at smoothing the skin due to the proteins found in milk and their ability to penetrate the skin, our soaps are superior in moisturizing abilities.

The major differences between our soap and commercially produced soap is the absence of harsh chemicals and the natural addition of nourishing vitamins A & D.

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Chai tea lotionMilk has been used since ancient times as a natural cleanser and balanced moisturizer which contributes to soft and supple skin. A natural rejuvenator, the fats and alpha-hydroxy acids in milk moisturize and restore the skin.

Because goat milk pH closely matches skin, it remains on the skin longer.  Sheep’s milk is the most luxurious of all because it’s higher in butterfat, proteins, vitamins A, B, and E, and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium than cow milk. Also, sheep’s milk contains lactic acid (an alpha-hydroxy acid) a natural, gentle, exfoliate that leaves skin glowing and soft.

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Lip balmMade with fresh sheep and goat’s milk, this balm is absolutely supreme in the moisturizing capabilities.  Combined with all natural virgin olive oil, organic beeswax, almond oil and hemp seed oil the balm adds superior protection on all the rough areas of skin – from head to toe.

Balm can be used on elbows, knees, feet, and other rough areas in addition to the lips.

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